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Africa-The Kingdom of Aksum
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The Kingdom of Aksum

-The Aksum Kingdom
  • The Aksum kingdom was located south of Kush. And it was formed around 1,000 B.C.
  • They siezed land around the Red Sea and the Blue Nile because of their importance in trade.
  • Adulius was the chief Sea-Port of the Kingdom and became an international trading power. -Exported Goods
  • Rhinoceros horns, tortoise shells, ivory, emeralds and gold. -Imported Goods
  • Cloth, glass, olive oil, wine, brass, iron and copper.
  • The Empire reached its height between 330-360 A.D.
  • They conquered a lof of new land. Including all of Arabia. Which they blended their culture with as well.
  • They were also the first, south of the Sahara to mint its own coins.
  • And it was the only ancient African Kingdom to have a written language.
  • The Kingdom lasted for 800 years but came to an end after being invaded in 710. They invaders cut off their over-sea trade with other countries by seizing the land on the coast. The Empire soon colapsed from isolation.
    Below shows where The Aksum Kingdom was located
    The Aksum Kingdom
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